He’s Here!

In case we haven’t reached you with the good news, Elijah Dean Butay was born exactly one week ago today, and he’s an eight pound, three ounce, twenty inch long ball of happiness.




Seriously – I don’t know if he’s quite as happy about being out in the cold, air-filled world as we are for him to be here, but it’s crazy how quickly I can’t imagine life without him anymore. It’s incredible that we get to see all the life bundled up in this little guy whose eyes and hands and cutie little mouth we can finally see. We’re definitely still in the beginning of the whole adjustment period, but I figure that adjustment period doesn’t really have an end, anyway, so I think we’re doing pretty well so far.

As for me, the whole thing is totally surreal. I went on maternity leave last Wednesday, went into labor last Thursday, and came home with a baby on Sunday. I’ll spare everyone the details of the whole labor and delivery process (unless you really, really want them), but I will say that our midwife was the best person in the world for our labor. She was with us the whole time & was so comforting/supportive/calm/helpful with everything.

Since we left the hospital, I’ve been lucky enough to get to sit around the apartment doing a whole lot of nothing with these guys:


photo 2

Check out that proud dad, teaching baby guitar already. It’s just too much. And of course, by a whole lot of nothing, I mean lots and lots of diaper changing, endless feeding, and a good bit of laundry thrown in there. But otherwise, there’s been sitting, sleeping, Skyping, watching Netflix, eating good food (Elliot made these cookies last night, and they’re. so. good.), and lots of getting to know Elijah.

photo 3(1)

photo 2(1)


Of the ten million things I’m learning from all this, one of the first I noticed is that a lot of the preparations I was so, so anxious to complete before Elijah got here just really aren’t that important. I do hope to have his nursery art hung up sometime soon, and I’d like us to finish a couple of organizational things around the apartment, but in the grand scheme of it all, enjoying and being present together as a family this last week has been so much more important than worrying about whether we have a lampshade on our living room lamp (we don’t). I hope I can keep that perspective in the months and years to come, especially since I’m already freaking out about when Elijah won’t fit in a little ball on my chest anymore. I don’t know if I can handle it.

On another note, Elijah gets his first out of town visitors tomorrow. My mom and stepdad, Mike are coming up for a bit to visit, and we’re pretty excited to get to introduce him to half of his grandparents. We also can’t wait until he gets to meet everybody else; hopefully, it won’t be too long, because he’s just way too cool to keep everybody waiting.

Sorry if this post is a little disjointed, guys. I’m sure you can imagine how much my mind might be racing right now, but it’s safe to say that this has been the happiest, most love-filled week of my life so far. Thanks to everybody who’s offered congratulations and advice and gifts to get us started with all of this. We’re so, so grateful. And since I have a feeling pictures were the main draw to this posts for lots of people, I’ll tack on a few more for good measure.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 4(1)

We love you guys!
Elliot, Chelsea, & Elijah

7 thoughts on “He’s Here!

  1. So excited to meet Elijah tommorow! I can see and sense the love you feel already and I’m so excited for you guys to experience the joys of parenting. Nothing compares. See you soon!

  2. way to make a new uncle teary, guys. gj. ive instantly decided im going to fill that last pocket book you made me with a list of do’s and don’ts you can bestow to him whenever yall see fit. probably around 18. experience is likely the strongest point i have to contribute to the handsome little dude. hands down best looking baby the world’s seen since 1987. and dont let him forget he has an uncle just because i cant see him for a while as there Are unscary pictures he can get familiarized with, in case you forgot.
    ALSO, thanks for taking the pressurized heat off my back with by sliding that dean in on another male. maybe he’ll put an end to this foreboding sense of haste that will prevent some future rash decisions.
    CONGRATULAAAATIONS LOVEYALLL i know youre already the best parents alive. listen to your paternal/maternal instincts, like im yoda, it’s the force, and you’ve both got it in you. no worries.

  3. He is so precious! He’s the third one (that I’m aware of, anyway) with the Dean name. Almost 35 years ago I placed Dean as Daniel’s middle name. Then Janice also placed it on her youngest. I think it’s a good tradition. lol Love to all

  4. He is so adorable!! I love the photo where he’s looking at dad while dad plays the guitar. Enjoy every moment! Love to all three of you!

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